A Bout

A Bout

Mrs Vurgun was graduated from “Nursing” department of Vocational High School on 2003 and also she is holder of “Health Management” and “Pathology Laboratory Technician” diplomas as well as holding various vocational certificates.  She was completed her career as a nurse on 2004 and she has been working continuously as a nurse since that time. Until today, she continued her career in different units of an education and research hospital successfully.


Mrs Vurgun is a professional who has developed a career on nursing after her high school education. She intends to use her knowledge and skills in order to set up her company in the UK. She will be running her business as a sole trader under the proposed trading name “Ya & Ze Healthcare. Mrs Vurgun is committed to providing the highest quality home care and support services to help older people to live independently in their own homes.

Mrs Vurgun believes that that she will overcome her competitors because she is equipped with academic knowledge and 16+ years of work experience in health sector. She is willing to offer her services for elderly in Kent, UK who are seeking for qualified care from an experienced and sensitive person who can demonstrate empathy. She is committed to improving the quality of life for older people.

Mrs Vurgun will offer services to the families and elderly people. She will provide a high quality of care and companionship services to residents of Kent in their own homes. She will provide flexible care and support solutions for her elderly people, elderly people with Alzheimer and Dementia and also for people who needs post-surgery support.


She is committed to offering dependable and flexible support focused on clients’ specific needs with a wealth of hands-on experience. Mrs Vurgun aims to offer people the support to help them live happy, fulfilled and independent lives. By offering her services below market rates, she will also make her clients feel comfortable.


She will offer tailored services to help individuals manage their care needs in their own home for as long as possible. She will also help to enhance an individual’s daily life wherever possible.


The company will capitalize on Mrs Vurgun’s nursing knowledge, home nursing services and home care, palliative patient care experience, new approaches and methods in approaching patients with Alzheimer and Demantia. 


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